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Telehealth services offered in Oakland Park, FL

Advancements in technology have created new ways to connect with your health team, and telehealth services are an outstanding way to get the care you need, when you need it. Telehealth is an option for connecting with Nurse Practitioner, Stephanie Brown, of Compcare Medical Center in Oakland Park, Florida. If you’d like to learn more about telehealth, book a visit online or by phone at your earliest convenience. 

Telehealth Q&A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a method of delivering health services that does not rely on a face-to-face, in-person office visit. It is the application of technology to connect patients and practitioners. 


This method of care has received increased attention because COVID-19 changed the way people could connect to their health providers. But the process of using technology to reach your health team is nothing new. Ever since most American homes had telephones, health professionals have been assisting patients outside of normal office visits. 


Advancements in video technology and wireless internet connections have vastly expanded the quality and accessibility of telehealth services. Today, you can connect with your Compcare Medical Center provider using a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, or even your phone. 

What are the benefits of telehealth?


The ability to connect with your provider without coming in for a traditional office visit is beneficial for many people. Not only is it an incredibly convenient way to get the care you need, it’s also a way to protect individuals who are immunocompromised. 


If you have a condition that places you at risk of harm if you contract a serious disease, heading to the office to get your routine health care or to meet an acute care need can be risky. Telehealth offers a chance to take care of your needs without any exposure to others or shared spaces outside your home. 


Telehealth is also a wonderful resource if you or a family member becomes ill when you’re out of town. Seeking care from an unknown provider in a treatment environment you’re unfamiliar with can be challenging. Telehealth allows you to work with your primary care provider who knows your health history and has immediate access to your full medical records. 

How should I prepare for my telehealth visit?


A small amount of preparation can help you make the most of your telehealth visit. Begin by thinking about where you’ll have your visit. If you share your space with others, try to find an area that is quiet and separated from the rest of your household. 


You might also want to think about lighting. The ability to see you clearly is an important part of any assessment your provider performs during your visit. Check to make sure your lighting isn’t too dark or too bright, and that your face is clearly illuminated during your visit. 


Don’t forget to make sure you’re within reach of a power supply in case your battery runs low. You might also want to use your device’s camera to do a test run of the lighting and screen placement. 


These simple steps can help your visit be as productive as possible. When you’re ready to book your next telehealth visit, options include online booking and phone scheduling. 

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