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Primary Care

Primary Care services offered in Oakland Park, FL

Primary care is a great way to cover all of your routine health and wellness needs. For residents in and around Oakland Park, Florida, Nurse Practitioner, Stephanie Brown, of Compcare Medical Center is an outstanding primary care provider. If you’re searching for a caring, compassionate, and highly skilled practitioner for general health needs, call the office to book a visit today or spend a few moments online to schedule an appointment.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care can be thought of as the starting point for all of your health and wellness needs. It’s often referred to as a “health home” because it offers the chance to receive basic care needs in a warm and welcoming environment from a team you know and trust. 


Compcare Medical Center offers primary care services to both children and adults. Kids seven years of age or older are welcome, and services span adolescent care, routine internal medicine care for adults, and even geriatric care. 


If all of the health services you need throughout your lifespan were represented by a team of players, your primary care provider would be the coach, guiding and informing your care throughout all stages of life. 

What kinds of services are available within primary care?


Preventive health is the central focus within primary care. By coming in for routine physicals, you have the opportunity to receive screenings appropriate for your age and sex, but also the information you need to guide your own health and wellness journey. 


When you experience an illness or injury, your primary care provider offers acute care, more commonly called sick visits. These visits center on diagnosing and treating a current set of symptoms. 


If you have one or more issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol, chronic disease management is a great way to improve your quality of life. Your provider works closely with you to help manage your condition and make specialist referrals as needed for co-management when it’s deemed necessary. 


From school exams to women’s health, vaccines to preventive care, primary care can address many health needs at any stage of your life. Headaches, cold and flu symptoms, cough, back pain, sinus pain, and urinary tract infections are just some other issues that bring people in for primary care visits. 

What if I need to see a specialist?


While Compcare Medical Center can address numerous health issues, there are times when specialized care is the best approach. If you need surgery, cancer care, or other forms of specialized health care, your provider will refer you to the right specialist. 


As you move through specialized treatment, your primary care provider remains in contact with your extended care team, ensuring everyone involved in your care has access to your medical records and information about your unique needs. 


Once you’re finished with specialized care, your provider ensures continuity of care once you return to Compcare Medical Center. This is essential for patients who go through complex surgical procedures or are recovering from serious illness. 


If you have additional questions about primary care, call to book an initial visit. Online scheduling is also an option, and takes just a few moments to complete. Same-day appointments are often available, and visits are never rushed. 

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