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Lab Services

Lab Services services offered in Oakland Park, FL

Lab testing is a routine part of preventive health and primary care. For residents in and around Oakland Park, Florida, these tests are available at Compcare Medical Center. If you need to book lab testing, scheduling options include a quick phone call or a visit to the online booking page. 

Lab Services Q&A

What are lab services?

Lab services are lab testing at your primary care office. These tests help your provider understand more about how well your organs and systems are functioning. 


Lab testing uses a sample of your blood, urine, or other tissues to learn more about your overall health. By offering these services within the office, Compcare Medical Center saves you the time and effort of traveling to a different location for lab work.  


Certain tests require you to refrain from eating or drinking in the hours before providing a sample of blood or urine. Your provider will advise you if any special preparation is needed. 

What role do lab services play in overall health?


Lab testing is an essential part of your overall health and wellness planning. There are many different specific tests that can be analyzed from a very small sample, providing a wealth of information from a single blood draw. 


Some of the applications for lab testing include:


  • Helping to diagnose a disease or condition
  • Monitoring your response to treatment or medication
  • As a way of tracking your health over time
  • To guide treatment planning
  • As a way of detecting disease before symptoms arise


Most lab tests show your results in terms of a range. Because every human is unique, what’s considered “normal” for one person might not be “normal” for another. Giving a range helps you know whether there are specific areas of concern. 

When do I need to come in for lab services?


Most people don’t need lab testing more often than once a year. These tests are often run as part of your routine physical exams. During your visit, your provider discusses whether you need lab testing.


If you are working with your provider for chronic disease management, more frequent testing might be necessary to track how well your body responds to treatment. Lab testing might also be needed if you come in for a sick visit. 


If you have additional questions or concerns about the role that lab testing might play in your overall health and wellness journey, call the office to schedule a visit. Online booking is also an option, and takes just a few moments to complete. 

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